Penny  A  Parrish

Fine Art Photography

Penny's  story

    Penny at home with her original Dick Tracy 110 camera. 

.  Penny, who moved to Fredericksburg from Minnesota, is intrigued by the history of Virginia and the images it creates for a photographer.  She says she still thinks like a film photographer, looking for good angles and setting up individual shots rather than putting the camera on burst and capturing multiple images.   Penny also does her best to “repurpose” old frames, giving them a second life with many of her photos.  She uses a Canon or Nikon to capture the images such as you see here.  

After careers in journalism and law enforcement, Penny A Parrish enjoys the solitude of working alone with a camera.  She is inspired by simple scenes:  the colors of the seasons, snowfall before foot prints, and the lines and details of buildings.

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