Penny  A  Parrish

Fine Art Photography

So many places, so little time.  From National Parks to Iceland.  And future travels await!

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I went to Cuba in May of 2016, and I can't wait to go again and see more of this beautiful country, with warm gracious people.

The four seasons provide amazing beauty and variety for a photographer.  Finding the perfect scene after a snowfall and walking through the colors of autumn fill my heart and soul.

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There is so much more to life than the big picture.  I delight in finding details that no one else sees. 

France is full of beauty and good friends.  I see a different part of the country each time I visit.  I must add that the wine, cheese and pastry are also awesome!

I moved to Virginia in 1999, and have fallen in love with its beauty and history. Many of my photos are taken near Fredericksburg, but I enjoy traveling throughout the Old Dominion.